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  • The mechanics: Is there beyond?


    Recently, the Association represents mechanical VN has suggestions for departments , government ... about the difficulties that are encountered in mechanics . In which notably since joining the WTO so far , the incentives are not there anymore ... mechanical engineering as seriously affected , the works are bidding and winning most of the DN abroad.

  • Engineering plays a pivotal role in the economy



    Permanent Secretariat Truong Tan Sang stressed the need to clearly define the role and position of the core engineering industry in the economy , thereby perfecting mechanisms and policies for investment and development of mechanical industry , reinforcing core strategy of economic development of the country.

  • Delete weaknesses of mechanical engineering - hard to see !

    Realistic view of the project and will be implemented as planned at Vietnam s industries such as energy , chemicals , mining , shipbuilding ... it s easy to see demand for machinery and equipment phase 2020 and subsequent years is quite large . Institute figures predict mechanical machinery and equipment needs for the period 2011 - 2025 is 
  • The mechanics : Error spans from policy - United I


    CongThuong - USA I: large market , Capability

    According to the Vietnam Association of Mechanical , 2011-2030 period , investment demand equipment lines on the domestic market of the country about $ 

  • Enterprise mechanics still lost on home turf

    After 10 years of implementation of the development strategy VN mechanical engineering in 2010 , Vision 2020 , many engineering products such as complete equipment , shipbuilding , automobile assembly , agricultural machinery , electrical equipment , construction machinery construction , and mechanical parts have