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Get mechanical machining, injection molding bi cleaning embryo

Our company operates in the field of mechanical design, machine building and industrial automation tools provide support industrial park ....

With a team of engineers , skilled workers have had experience working in large factories and foreign enterprises , along with system equipment and machinery investment sync we are confident will bring the best products at the most competitive prices for our customers.

We offer our customers the following services : Identify mechanical processing , injection molding bi cleaning embryo

For hot forging products or heat -treated or cast products , the product surface is always covered with flakes of carbon and slag or dirt on the surface of many products casting burrs or sticky sand . In addition to structural steel sections before primer on the surface to be cleaned surface to paint and adhesive purpose rust and oxidation inside the paint strippers .

To clean the details of which shall be used as the cleaning or sand blasting grit blasting . In this limit I would like to introduce to you blasting cleaning technology . Small steel balls of 0.8 - 1.2mm were shot with high velocity surface detail parts need cleaning . With continuous force and strong impact force causes the surface to be cleaned details ....